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The Shenandoah Traffic Club dates back to 1949 when the six founding members met at the Handley Library and chartered the organization. After the Second World War, businesses began to prosper and American's had a new outlook on life. Like other parts of the country, the Shenandoah Valley was enjoying this new prosperity and individuals in the transportation industry were no exception. Just like today, the transportation professionals of the area are enjoyed each other's fellowship and they decided that a club was in order.

The club began with people from the Manufacturing, Railroad, and Trucking Industries. As time passed and the club grew, people from all walks of life began to join the club. During the 1970's, the club was even taken to a higher level as Mr. Fleming from Jones Funeral home joined the club. At the time, he was working on new areas of opportunity for selling transportation.

In the last 20 plus years, the Shenandoah Traffic Club has remained strong and continued to grow during all economic conditions. In 2017, the Shenandoah Traffic Club officially became a 501-3C nonprofit to continue supporting local organizations such as Our Health and LFCC Driver's Program. The Shenandoah Traffic Club took another step in the direction of expanding the club by establishing a Junior Board in 2017. The initiative was set in place to welcome and draw in more young professionals as well as have a forum to groom them into future leaders for the club and local community.


Today we enjoy membership in excess of 150 companies and individuals. Membership includes individuals and companies from the local community and the I-81 corridor spanning from Richmond, Norfolk, Baltimore, Washington DC, the Quad State region, the Carolina, and even Canada.

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